Die Hard Fan of Frederick Leonard Request For A Kiss Before He Gets Married – Frederick Replys

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Frederick Leonard, a well-known Nollywood actor, reacted after Ugomma Ugomma indicated interest in making out with him before he gets married.

This comes after the movie star made Peggy Ovire the subject of his love interest and took the risky step of popping the question to her on her birthday.

In a recent development, it seems that this female fan wants one last romance with the actor regardless of how it may occur.

She posted on the Facebook group Rant HQ Extension to ask editors to join their mouths while stating that she wants them to kiss before he marries, and she begged for them to do so.

She wrote;

I won’t gree.

Editors in the house, over to you guys!

Join my mouth to Frederick’s mouth. I want us to kiss before he marry.”

In reaction, Frederick Leonard posted the screenshot on his Instagram page alongside a hilarious image and caption.”

See the post below: