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In the vibrant world of Nigerian music, Blair and Clinton Roberts, affectionately known as the DNA Twins, have emerged as rising stars with an extraordinary story. Born on June 16th, 1996, in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, the twins hail from a polygamous family with 11 other siblings, adding a unique layer to their journey to fame.

DNA Twins Early Years and Education

The DNA Twins, whose real names are Blair and Clinton Roberts, developed a deep passion for music during their formative years. Influenced by icons like Michael Jackson, Tiwa Savage, and Psquare, they honed their singing and dancing skills. Madonna Model Secondary School in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, witnessed the blossoming of their musical talents during their secondary education.

Glo X-Factor Journey

The duo gained initial recognition in 2013 when they participated in the Glo X-Factor competition after graduating from high school. Although they faced elimination, the experience proved invaluable, enhancing their musical abilities, stage presence, and overall artistry. Notably, well-known performers like BEZ and Burna Boy commended their outstanding performances, motivating

them to persevere in the pursuit of their musical aspirations.

Debut Single and Collaborations

Following their exit from the X-Factor, the DNA Twins wasted no time in making their mark in the music industry. Their debut single, “Mash-Up Freestyle,” showcased their unique talent by combining popular Nigerian songs. The journey continued with collaborations, notably with DMW’s Mayorkun on tracks like “How Can” and “Adanma.” Currently signed to Don Jazzy’s MAVIN label, the twins also contributed to the hit song “All Is In Order” alongside industry heavyweights Don Jazzy, Rema, Korede Bello, and Crayon.

Diverse Musical Portfolio

The DNA Twins have demonstrated their versatility with hits like “Arabanko,” showcasing their evolving musical style. Beyond music, the twins have ventured into TV presenting, adding another dimension to their burgeoning careers.

DNA Twins Personal Life and Stage Name

The connection between the twins goes beyond the biological; it extends into the realm of music, inspiring their stage name, “DNA.” Embracing their identical twin status, they often dress alike, symbolizing the harmony that both blood and music bring to their lives.

Kidnap Experience

In a harrowing incident in April 2016, the DNA Twins faced adversity when they were kidnapped while traveling from Abuja to Lagos. The news shocked their fans, and a plea for their release was made by their parents. The twins were eventually freed after several months, leaving many details surrounding their release undisclosed.

DNA Twins Musical Impact and Net Worth

The DNA Twins have swiftly risen through the ranks of the Nigerian music scene, earning acclaim as some of the fastest-rising musicians. With an estimated net worth of $300,000, their success story serves as inspiration for aspiring artists across the continent.

DNA Twins Social Media Presence

To stay connected with their ever-growing fan base, the DNA Twins actively engage on social media. You can follow them on Instagram (@itz_DNA) and Twitter (@itz_DNA) for updates on their musical journey and personal anecdotes.

Future Aspirations

As the DNA Twins captivate audiences with their unique brand of music, they harbor ambitious goals of becoming renowned musical artists in the future. Their journey continues to unfold, promising more remarkable achievements and contributions to the dynamic Nigerian music landscape.


  1. How did the DNA Twins get their stage name?
    • The DNA Twins derived their stage name from the biological and musical connection they share as identical twins.
  2. What was the DNA Twins’ experience in the Glo X-Factor competition?
    • Despite being eliminated, their participation in the Glo X-Factor competition proved instrumental in enhancing their musical skills and stage presence.
  3. What was the motivation behind their debut single, “Mash-Up Freestyle”?
    • “Mash-Up Freestyle” combined top Nigerian songs, showcasing the DNA Twins’ creativity and musical prowess.
  4. Can I follow the DNA Twins on social media?
    • Yes, you can follow them on Instagram (@itz_DNA) and Twitter (@itz_DNA) for updates on their musical journey.


the DNA Twins’ journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, resilience, and talent, paving the way for a future filled with musical brilliance and innovation.