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In the vast landscape of the music industry, hidden gems often go unnoticed, and among them shines the bright talent of Don Boligee. This Nigerian hip-hop artist, comedian, and actor has been making waves with his unparalleled professionalism and captivating performances. Join us as we delve into the inspiring biography of the artist born Orinya Toochukwu Agbe on January 28, 2000, in Ohanukwu Local Government, Ebonyi State.

Don Boligee Early Life:

Don Boligee, the fourth child of Mrs. Bernard Orinya Ugbagbo and Mrs. Aduogwu Orinya, emerged from a humble background. Raised in the embrace of hardship, he was nurtured and sponsored by Mr. Okpoto Sunday and Mrs. Virginia Oporto, guiding him through his O’level education.

Don Boligee Education:

His educational journey began at Obobo Isheike Ohanukwu Local Government in Ebonyi State for primary schooling, followed by UPMUSC (Muslim Comprehensive High School) in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. Don Boligee further pursued his education at the prestigious University of Ibadan.

Don Boligee Personal Life:

While Don Boligee remains single at this moment, there is limited information available about his personal life or any intentions of marriage.

Don Boligee Career:

Don Boligee’s passion for music ignited during his early years, finding solace and joy in musical compositions. His musical journey took flight in secondary school, where he clinched victories in organized competitions, earning him recognition as an artist. Beyond music, he has also participated in comedy shootouts and music performances at local shows and gatherings.

In an exclusive interview with NaijabiographyTV, Don Boligee expressed his unwavering dedication to music, stating, “I’m a passionate musician to the core. The love I have for music is what keeps me going, and I am not intending to fall back. Music is my thing, and I will give all I have to keep the ball rolling.” Boligee aspires to secure sponsors and endorsements to turn his musical visions into reality.


Don Boligee has graced the music scene with a range of singles, including “My Love,” “0.4 Mafo” featuring Tm Nelson, “Dey with Me” featuring J Boy, “Time” featuring Longtos, “London” featuring Longtos, “Blessing” featuring Surprise, “Good Life” featuring Alhaji Tekno, “Single Good Seed,” “Prayer of Life” featuring Skkido, and many more.

Don Boligee Social Media Handles:

To stay updated with Don Boligee’s musical journey, follow him on Instagram: @donboligee_official, Twitter: @BoligeeTv, and Facebook: @Don Boligee.


  1. Q: When and where was Don Boligee born? A: Don Boligee, born Orinya Toochukwu Agbe, was born on January 28, 2000, in Ohanukwu Local Government, Ebonyi State.
  2. Q: What are some of Don Boligee’s notable singles? A: Some of Don Boligee’s notable singles include “My Love,” “Dey with Me,” “Time,” “London,” “Blessing,” “Good Life,” “Single Good Seed,” and “Prayer of Life.”
  3. Q: Is Don Boligee married? A: As of now, Don Boligee is still single, and there is no further information available about his personal life or intentions to get married.