Drama as Lady Catches Her best Friend N@.ked At Her Man’s house (Video)

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Maa Adwoa, a Ghanaian lady, allegedly caught her best friend, Nafisa, naked in her husband’s house.

In the now-viral video, Adwoa arrives at her matrimonial home uninvited, only to find her best friend Nafisa naked inside.

Adwoa, enraged and disappointed, beat up her best friend and said that because she stays at ‘Techiman,’ her best friend is now using it as an excuse to sleep with her husband.

According to reports, Adwoa assisted her best friend in relocating from Techiman to Kumasi in order to help her find work, but Nafisah betrayed her and began an affair with her husband.

Nafisah, who was embarrassed to be caught, was shown kneeling and seeking forgiveness from Maa Adwoa in the video.

Watch video below: