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Esther Igbekele, born on August 16, is a celebrated gospel artist hailing from Ifon, Ose local government of Ondo state. Her musical journey began in Lagos, where her passion for music was nurtured by her family’s musical background. This blog post explores her life, education, career, personal life, and ministry, shedding light on the woman behind the uplifting gospel tunes.

Esther Igbekele Early Life and Education:

Esther was born in Lagos at Orile Iganmu to Pastor and Mrs. Isaac Oluwafemi Igbekele. Raised in a musically inclined family, she developed a love for music at an early age. Her primary education took place at Central Primary School, Orile Iganmu, and she later moved to Lagos African Church Grammar School for her secondary education. Apostle J.A Bankole recognized her talent during a crusade, sponsoring her education and providing a platform for her musical journey.

Esther Igbekele Career Beginnings:

Esther’s foray into professional music began in 1996, marked by her involvement in the band Ilu Ayo Gospel Singer, owned by Apostle Bankole. Despite no formal music training, she honed her skills by collaborating with various gospel bands and singers. Notably, she worked with Ayewa Int. Gospel Singer, Imole Ayo Gospel Singer, and Evangelist Kingsley Ogunde. Esther has since released over 14 albums, including hits like “Breakthrough,” “God’s Special Message,” and “Taking Over.”

Esther Igbekele Personal Life:

While details about Esther’s marriage are private, she has two known children. Her first marriage to a prominent Alhaji in Lagos ended, attributing it to a youthful mistake that nearly halted her music career. Presently, she is happily married to a man she describes as “God-ordained,” keeping his identity away from the public eye.

Ministry and Achievements:

Esther’s ministry is marked by spirited performances, dynamic dance moves, and even drumming. Her albums, such as “Proclamation” and “Everlasting God,” reflect her deep spirituality. She was nominated for the Mega Awards, securing a win in a competitive category. She looks up to gospel icons like Bola Are and Onyeka Onwenu as her role models.

Albums and Latest Ventures:

Some of Esther’s notable albums include “Sound of Joy,” “Proclamation,” and the recent “Taking Over,” which showcases her venture into the afrobeat scene. Her music is available for download and streaming online, emphasizing her continued influence in the gospel music landscape.

Esther Igbekele Net Worth:

Esther Igbekele’s estimated net worth stands at $150,000, a testament to her successful and impactful career in gospel music.

Esther Igbekele Social Media Presence:

Connect with Esther Igbekele on Instagram @estherigbekele and Twitter @Estherigbekele.


Q: How many albums has Esther Igbekele released? A: Esther has released over 14 albums, including “Sound of Joy,” “Proclamation,” and “Taking Over.”

Q: What is Esther Igbekele’s net worth? A: Esther Igbekele’s estimated net worth is $150,000.

Q: Who are Esther Igbekele’s role models? A: Esther looks up to gospel icons such as Bola Are and Onyeka Onwenu.

Q: When did Esther Igbekele begin her music career? A: Esther Igbekele began her professional music career in 1996.