Exposed: Yul Edochie’s Alleged Romantic Affairs With Actress Nuella Njibigbo

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Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor, was caught in a love triangle with actress Nuella Njubigbo, Tchidi Chikere’s ex-wife.

This comes only days after Yul Edochie and his second wife, Judy Austin, who is also a social media actor, announced the birth of their son, Star Munachison.

The announcement prompted fury on social media, with many denouncing Yul Edochie and others defending him, like Chidi Mokeme and Tchidi Chikere.

According to an Instagram blog named Cutie Julls, Yul Edochie was enjoying a love connection with Nuella Njubigbo before she left him for Tchidi, and it was on this basis that Tchidi Chikere rallied behind him.

According to the source, Tchidi Chikere’s infatuation with Nuella Njubigbo led to marriage, but Yul Edochie has never forgiven him for stealing Nuella.

Given their marriage’s demise and the fact that they have a common adversary, Tchidi Chikere has identified an opportunity to rejoin with Yul Edochie by supporting his adulterous affair with Judy Austin.

The post reads:Shey Tchidi has suddenly become Yul’s hype man cuz they now have a common enemy ni. Abeg, this nollywood people no well

So married man, Yul was gbensing Nuella then he started gbensing Chika Ike. Then to pepper Yul, Nuella started giving her Aso Rock to Tchidi, that was how the Nuella and Tchidi thing matured to marriage. Tchidi knowing very well that Yul never really forgave him wholeheartedly, now sees this opportunity to win Yul back fully especially that Nuella don finally gather sense japa his beating ang cheating self when karma came knocking

Omo, Asaba Nollywood na real block buster. Them no need script writers. Let them use their own lifestyle do script for viewers”

See screenshot below;