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Discover the inspiring journey of Brother Gbile Akanni, a Nigerian preacher, author, and esteemed teacher of the Word. Renowned for his simplicity and itinerant preaching style, Brother Gbile has left an indelible mark on Christians of all backgrounds, serving as a mentor to both the young and old across the nation.

Brother Gbile  Early Life & Education:

Born on June 22nd into an idol-worshipping family in Masifa, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Brother Gbile Akanni’s life took a transformative turn. Graduating from the University of Ibadan and an alumnus of the Baptist Student Fellowship, his spiritual journey was shaped by the fervent prayers of his childhood friend’s grandmother, who envisioned him becoming a “shining light” out of his dark family.

Brother Gbile  Career:

Brother Gbile, often called Bro. Gbile, heads the trans-denominational ministry ‘Living Seed’ in Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria. Through this ministry, he conducts the annual Ministers’ Leadership Retreat, attracting 15,000 leaders from diverse backgrounds. His commitment to turning believers into disciples is reflected in the deep, challenging, and life-changing teachings that characterize his ministry.

Living Seed is not a church but a place where believers transform into righteous disciples through God’s Word. Despite his busy schedule, Brother Gbile travels globally, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and impacting lives.

Brother Gbile  Personal Life:

Happily married to a medical doctor, Sade Akanni, Brother Gbile and his family reside in Peace House, Gboko. Together, they have four children, creating a harmonious home in the heart of Benue State, Nigeria.

Books By Brother Gbile Akanni:

Explore the wealth of knowledge imparted by Brother Gbile through his thought-provoking books. Titles like “The Dignity of Manhood,” “Becoming Like Jesus,” and “Timely Warning” reflect his deep understanding of the Bible and commitment to transforming lives through the gospel.


Q: Is Living Seed a church? A: No, Living Seed is not a church but a trans-denominational ministry focused on turning believers into disciples.

Q: What is Brother Gbile Akanni’s net worth? A: Brother Gbile Akanni’s net worth is not available.


Brother Gbile Akanni’s life and ministry stand as a testament to the transformative power of faith. Through Living Seed and his impactful teachings, he continues to influence and shape the lives of believers worldwide, leaving an enduring legacy of discipleship and devotion to Jesus Christ.