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Meet Hope Akpan, the talented footballer born on August 14, 1991, in Liverpool, Merseyside, to Nigerian parents. This is the captivating story of Akpan’s rise through the ranks, from his early days at Everton to making a mark on the international stage.

Hope Akpan’s Early Career at Everton:

Hope Akpan’s football journey kicked off at the age of eight when he joined Everton. Under the mentorship of coach Neil Dewsnip, he quickly rose through the academy ranks. In 2008, head coach Andy Holden recognized Akpan’s potential, promoting him to the reserve team. By the year’s end, he had secured his first professional contract, marking the beginning of an exciting career.

Loan Spell at Hull City and Crawley Town:

March 17, 2011, saw Akpan embarking on a loan spell with Championship team Hull City. His debut on April 25, 2011, in a 1-1 draw with Queens Park Rangers showcased his promising talent. Following his departure from Everton, he signed a free transfer agreement with Crawley Town in June 2011, making a memorable debut with a goal in a 3-2 victory over AFC Wimbledon in the League Cup qualifying round.

Reading Stint in the Premier League:

In January 2013, Akpan committed to a three-and-a-half-year contract with Reading in the Premier League, expressing his desire to aid the team in avoiding relegation. His debut on January 19, 2013, against Newcastle United, saw him assisting in a game-winning goal, solidifying his place in the squad.

Blackburn Rovers and Burton Albion:

A move to Blackburn Rovers materialized in 2015, where he showcased his skills in a 1-1 draw with Huddersfield Town. On July 18, 2017, Akpan joined Burton Albion, making his debut in a 1-0 loss against the same club he joined.

International Career and Controversy:

In October 2014, Akpan earned his first call-up to the Nigerian national team, making his debut in an African Cup of Nations qualifying game on October 15, 2014. However, his career wasn’t without controversy, as he faced accusations and a fine from the Football Association for homophobic remarks made on his Twitter account in November 2011.

Beyond Football: Volunteer Work and Recognition:

During his time at Reading, Akpan engaged in volunteer work, leading to his nomination for the PFA Player in the Community award, showcasing his commitment beyond the field.

Hope Akpan’s Net Worth and Social Media Presence:

Sources estimate Hope Akpan’s net worth at $1.5 million, predominantly earned through his successful football career. Stay connected with his journey through his verified Instagram account (@hopeakpan) boasting over 11,000 followers and Twitter account (@HopeAkpan) with nearly 17,000 followers.

FAQ Section:

Q1: When did Hope Akpan start playing football? A: Akpan began his football journey at the age of eight with Everton.

Q2: Which clubs did Akpan play for during his career? A: Akpan played for notable clubs, including Hull City, Crawley Town, Reading, Blackburn Rovers, Burton Albion, and others.

Q3: Any controversies in Akpan’s career? A: Yes, Akpan faced controversy in 2011 for homophobic remarks on his Twitter account, resulting in a fine from the Football Association.


Hope Akpan’s journey from Everton’s academy to international football is a testament to his talent and determination. Beyond the accolades, his commitment to community work and presence on social media make him a well-rounded personality in the football world. Follow Hope Akpan’s inspiring journey, both on and off the pitch, as he continues to leave his mark in the footballing realm.