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Explore the life and career of Howard Hewett, the renowned American singer-songwriter, and actor, known for his iconic role in the R&B and soul group Shalamar. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Howard Hewett’s early life, career highlights, and personal journey, shedding light on the man behind the music.

Howard Hewett’s  Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

Born on October 1, 1955, in Akron, Ohio, Howard Hewett’s journey in music started at a young age. Raised in a family passionate about Gospel music, Hewett’s early exposure to the genre laid the foundation for his future endeavors. While attending Buchtel High School, he explored various music styles, eventually joining the group Lyfe and performing around the city.

Joining Shalamar:

In 1976, Hewett made a pivotal decision to move to Los Angeles, where he crossed paths with Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley. Together, they formed the legendary group Shalamar, releasing hits like “The Second Time Around” and “A Night to Remember.” Hewett’s soulful voice led the group until 1985, marking an era of chart-topping success.

Solo Career and Musical Achievements:

After Shalamar’s breakup, Howard Hewett embarked on a solo career, signing with Elektra Records in 1985. His debut album, “I Commit to Love” (1986), showcased his versatility and produced two top 10 R&B singles. Subsequent albums, including “Forever and Ever” (1988) and “Allegiance” (1992), demonstrated Hewett’s enduring impact on the R&B scene.

Throughout the years, Hewett collaborated with various artists, contributing to projects like “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and recording tracks with Joe Sample, Brian Culbertson, and George Duke. His foray into Gospel music resulted in albums like “The Journey” and “The Journey Live: From the Heart.”

Howard Hewett’s  Personal Life:

Beyond the stage, Howard Hewett’s personal life has seen its share of joys and challenges. Married four times, he is a father to daughters LaKiva Siani, Rainey Daze, and Anissa, as well as a son, Christopher Eugene Howard Hewett. Despite facing legal troubles early in his career, Hewett’s resilience and passion for music have remained unwavering.

Howard Hewett’s  Recent Ventures and Legacy:

In recent years, Howard Hewett continues to make music, releasing singles like “Enough” in collaboration with George Duke. With a career spanning decades, his contributions to the music industry remain influential, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide.

FAQs About Howard Hewett:

  1. What is Howard Hewett’s net worth?
    • Howard Hewett’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.
  2. When was Howard Hewett born?
    • Howard Hewett was born on October 1, 1955, making him 68 years old.
  3. What are some of Shalamar’s notable albums and songs?
    • Shalamar’s albums include “Big Fun,” “Friends,” and “Three for Love.” Hit songs include “The Second Time Around” and “A Night to Remember.”
  4. How many times has Howard Hewett been married?
    • Howard Hewett has been married four times.
  5. What legal troubles did Howard Hewett face early in his career?
    • In 1985, Howard Hewett faced legal issues in Miami, just as he was about to launch his solo career.


Howard Hewett’s journey from Akron to the global stage is a testament to his musical prowess and enduring passion for the art. As we celebrate his contributions, Hewett’s legacy continues to resonate, inspiring generations of music enthusiasts.