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Discover the inspiring journey of Prof. Tunde Odunlade, a distinguished Nigerian artist and cultural advocate born on November 26, 1954, in Iremo, Ile-Ife. This blog post delves into his impactful career, artistic innovations, contributions to Nigerian culture, and the establishment of the Tunde Odunlade Arts and Culture Connexions.

Tunde Odunlade Early Years and Artistic Beginnings:

Babatunde Samuel Odunlade’s artistic journey commenced in the early 1970s under the mentorship of Yinka Adeyemi at the Osogbo School of Arts. His passion for art led him to the University of Ife’s Oguntimehin Art Workshop in 1973, where he honed his skills and developed a unique batik appliqué technique. Notably, he introduced the innovative “floatograph” style, combining batiks, linocuts, and woodcut prints to portray Yoruba history, culture, and contemporary Nigerian life.

Art with a Purpose:

Tunde Odunlade’s artistic vision transcends conventional boundaries. His commitment to “art with a purpose” is evident in his dedication to bridging cultural divides and raising awareness about Nigeria’s potential and challenges. In 1986 and 1989, he served as an artist-in-residence at Stillman College in Alabama, USA, further amplifying the reach of his work.

Cultural Advocacy and Philanthropy:

Tunde Odunlade’s influence extends beyond his artistry. As the artistic director of the Toki Memorial Arts Centre in Ibadan for 14 years, he played a pivotal role in discovering and nurturing artists with international acclaim. He founded the International Campaign for Better Arts and Cultural Awareness (ICBACA) and the Tunde Odunlade Artist Cooperative Gallery, emphasizing the transformative power of art in addressing cultural divides.

Nation-Building Initiatives:

Passionate about Nigeria’s progress, Tunde Odunlade established the Nigerian Artists for a Nation Anew (NAFANA) in 1999. Through initiatives like the exhibition “Artists and Nation-Building: Nigeria at 39,” he encouraged artists to contribute to overcoming challenges such as corruption and poverty. His involvement with the Association of Nigerians Against Corruption (ANAC) underscores his commitment to fostering positive change.

Tunde Odunlade Arts and Culture Connexions:

In December 2020, Tunde Odunlade founded the Tunde Odunlade Arts and Culture Connexions in Ibadan, aiming to enhance tourism and economic progress in Nigeria. This gallery, also known as Pan Artists’ Market, serves as a platform to showcase the richness of Nigerian arts and culture on a global scale.

Art Exhibitions and International Recognition:

Tunde Odunlade’s artworks have graced numerous exhibitions globally, from Nigeria to the United States and the United Kingdom. Notable exhibitions include the “New Colours from Old Worlds” at the October Gallery in London and “Dreaming Between Worlds” at the Hammonds House Museum in Atlanta, GA.

Awards and Nominations:

Acknowledging his contributions, Tunde Odunlade has received prestigious awards from institutions such as the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundations, and Rockefeller Foundations. These accolades reflect his significant impact on Nigeria’s contemporary art culture.

Tunde Odunlade Net Worth and Personal Life:

Known for his modest lifestyle, Prof. Tunde Odunlade’s net worth remains undisclosed to the public. His personal life revolves around African art and culture, with associations with prominent Yoruba personalities like Toyin Falola and Tunde Kelani.

Tunde Odunlade Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Prof. Tunde Odunlade on Instagram (@tundeodunlade) and Twitter (@tundeodunlade) for updates on his artistic endeavors and cultural initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: What is Tunde Odunlade’s unique artistic style? A1: Tunde Odunlade is renowned for his innovative “floatograph” style, employing batiks, linocuts, and woodcut prints to depict Yoruba history, culture, and contemporary Nigerian life.

Q2: How has Tunde Odunlade contributed to nation-building? A2: Tunde Odunlade actively promotes nation-building through initiatives like the Nigerian Artists for a Nation Anew (NAFANA) and exhibitions that encourage artists to address societal challenges through their work.

Q3: What is the Tunde Odunlade Arts and Culture Connexions? A3: Established in 2020, the Tunde Odunlade Arts and Culture Connexions is a gallery in Ibadan, Nigeria, dedicated to promoting Nigerian arts and culture globally.


Prof. Tunde Odunlade’s remarkable journey showcases the transformative power of art in fostering cultural understanding and addressing societal issues. His legacy continues to inspire artists and advocates worldwide.