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In the realm of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs and Instagram influencers, the controversial figure Ramon Olorunwa Abass, better known as Hushpuppi, once stood out for his extravagant lifestyle and claims of wealth. Born on October 21, 1982, in Lagos State, Nigeria, Hushpuppi’s journey took a dramatic turn, leading to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

Hushpuppi  Early Life and Career:

Hushpuppi’s early life involved the hustle of an average Nigerian young adult, reportedly selling second-hand clothes in Lagos State. Beyond his secondary education at Government College, Ikorodu, details about his academic background remain elusive. However, fate took him to Malaysia before he eventually settled in Dubai, where he delved into multiple internet fraud activities.

The Luxurious Lifestyle:

Before his arrest by the FBI in June 2020, Hushpuppi was renowned for flaunting his opulent lifestyle on Instagram. From donning the latest designer clothes to showcasing extravagant possessions, his social media presence painted a picture of unbridled luxury.

Arrest and Extradition:

The FBI apprehended Hushpuppi in Dubai during the COVID-19 lockdown era, and he was subsequently extradited to the United States. Multiple charges related to internet fraud were leveled against him, leading to a trial that ended with a significant prison sentence.

Hushpuppi  Current Status:

Hushpuppi is very much alive, serving a 20-year prison term in the United States. His once-glamorous life has taken a stark turn behind bars.

Hushpuppi  Wife and Children:

Contrary to popular belief, Hushpuppi is neither married nor reported to have children, at least up to the time of this publication.

Hushpuppi  Net Worth:

Ramon Olorunwa Abass’ estimated net worth is valued at $35 million, allegedly amassed through cybercrime or internet fraud. His wealth, once a source of envy for many, has become a testament to the consequences of illegal activities.


  1. Is Hushpuppi still alive?
    • Yes, Hushpuppi is currently alive, serving his prison term in the United States.
  2. Where is Hushpuppi now?
    • Hushpuppi is serving his 20-year jail term in the United States.
  3. Is Hushpuppi married with children?
    • No, there is no information about Hushpuppi being married or having children.
  4. What is Hushpuppi’s net worth?
    • Hushpuppi’s estimated net worth is $35 million, reportedly earned through internet fraud.


Ramon Olorunwa Abass, once celebrated for his ostentatious lifestyle, now finds himself confined within the walls of a prison cell. The rise and fall of Hushpuppi serve as a cautionary tale, highlighting the consequences of engaging in illegal activities. His story remains a testament to the transient nature of ill-gotten wealth and the legal repercussions that may follow.