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Ida Betty Odinga, born as Ida Anyango Oyoo on August 24th, 1950, in Migori, Kenya, has emerged as a prominent figure in the country’s history. Beyond being the wife of renowned politician Raila Odinga, her journey is marked by resilience, advocacy, and significant contributions to women’s empowerment. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable woman.

 Ida Odinga Early Life and Education:

Ida Odinga’s educational journey began at Ogande Girls High School, followed by the University of Nairobi, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1973. It was during her university years that she crossed paths with Raila Odinga, then employed in the engineering department. The two were married on September 1, 1973.

 Ida Odinga Career and Advocacy:

Embarking on a career in education, Ida Odinga dedicated over two decades to teaching in various institutions, including the prestigious Kenya High School. Her commitment to education extended to raising her children single-handedly while her husband, Raila Odinga, was imprisoned in 1982. Her teaching career faced adversity when she was dismissed by the Kenya African National Union, the ruling party at the time.

In 1991, Ida Odinga founded the League of Kenya Women Voters, aiming to educate women about opportunities in the political arena. Serving as the chairperson, she played a pivotal role in advocating for women’s rights and representation in politics.

Ida Odinga also engaged in public awareness programs focusing on women, children, and health issues in Kenya. Her support for the prevention of breast cancer, fistulas, and the eradication of chigoe fleas showcased her commitment to societal well-being. Additionally, she served as a mentor for Kenyan schoolgirls and as a board member for an organization aiding paraplegics.

In 2003, Ida Odinga shattered gender norms by becoming the managing director of East African Spectre, a liquefied gas cylinder manufacturing company. This groundbreaking move made her one of the first women to lead a major Kenyan company.

Political Advocacy:

A staunch advocate for women’s empowerment, Ida Odinga endorsed the 2018 bill aimed at amending the Kenyan constitution to empower female candidates and MPs in Parliament. Despite her efforts, the bill failed to pass in the National Assembly in February 2019.

In 2019, she declared her neutrality in the upcoming 2022 elections, emphasizing that people are free to choose their preferred candidates.

Controversy and Advocacy for Church Reform:

Ida Odinga’s call for training church leaders sparked controversy, with some expecting her to apologize. Supported by the Atheists Society in Kenya, she emphasized the need for qualified church leaders, leading to discussions about theological leadership.

Ida Odinga’s Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, Ida Odinga’s success extends beyond her contributions to education, business, and advocacy.

 Ida Odinga Social Media Presence:

Stay updated with Ida Odinga on Twitter: @idaodinga.


Q: What is Ida Odinga’s net worth? A: Ida Odinga’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Q: What is Ida Odinga’s stance on the 2022 elections? A: In 2019, Ida Odinga declared her neutrality and stated that people are free to choose their preferred candidates for the 2022 elections.