“If UK Had Just One Of The Problems Nigeria Is Facing, We Would Be Struggling” — British High Commissioner

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The British High Commmissioner to Nigerian, Catriona Laing has revealed that if UK had just one of the problems Nigerians is currently facing, UK will be struggling to survive.

Catriona Laing a Twitter: "After credentials with newly installed flag on  car! Great ceremony and good first meeting with President Buhari. Looking  forward to getting down to work and meeting Nigerians around

Who is a High Commisisoner??

High commissioner is the title of various high-ranking, special executive positions held by a commission of appointment. The English term is also used to render various equivalent titles in other languages.


The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, while speaking on the security challengies Nigeria is facing, said that, if the Uk If UK had face just one of the problems Nigeria Is Facing, it  Would Be Struggle struggle to survive

Catriona Laing further added that the United Kingdom, UK, would deny visas to Nigerians who incite violence and want to disrupt 2023 elections.

She said;


“I do have some sympathy for Nigeria because if we as UK have one of these problems your country is having today, we will be struggling. Here, you deal with everything, from insurgency to kidnapping, to piracy off the Gulf of Guinea and you don’t have such a large army and police force for a country of this size.

The only way you turn this thing around is that government has to build the trust of its people, to have the people working with the government to deal with criminality. That’s how successful anti-criminal operations work.

People willingly report those committing crime, working with police to identify criminals, same with the military on the insurgency situation. It’s only when the community is on the side of the police and security services that they can turn around the situation.”

“My ideal candidates would be two younger presidential candidates, both with female vice presidential candidates,”

Reacting to her post;

@Chukwu_Ka_:-Pink witch

@justhere______1:-They should come and fight Boko

@JohnboscoKenec2:-They have no capacity to do that in terms of the Military personnel. Nigeria has more than them in terms of numbers and morale. If na America I will say they got all what it takes to flush them out within 2 days.

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@Engrleeway:-Devilish woman

@Sammyok9:-Mugu ur visa na heaven??

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@Bilalbabanla:-They don’t want Nigeria to divide cus of their own benefit


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