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Inem Peter, born on October 20, 1989, in Lagos, Nigeria, is a talented actress who has captured the hearts of many with her captivating performances. Raised by her mother after losing her father at a young age, Inem’s journey from Lagos to becoming a graduate in Computer Science and later venturing into the world of acting is truly inspiring.

Inem Peter’s Early Life and Education:

Hailing from the vibrant South Western region of Nigeria, Inem spent her formative years in Lagos. She attended primary and secondary school in the bustling city before pursuing a B.Sc degree in Computer Science at Houdegbe North American University, graduating in 2014.

Inem Peter’s Career Beginnings:

Inem Peter’s foray into the acting world began with notable appearances in Papa Ajasco movies, including Last Date, Hard Fate, Five Wives, and more. Her versatility shone through as she further showcased her talent in films like Lying Game, A Perfect Past, and Broken Wall, among others.

Inem Peter’s Personal Life:

While details about Inem Peter’s personal life remain scarce, it’s known that she was not married at the time of this publication, leaving fans curious about the actress’s private affairs.

Selected Filmography:

Inem’s filmography boasts a range of roles, with highlights such as A Perfect Past, Broken Wall, Colors Of Deceit, Corporate Maidens, Five Wives, Hard Fate, Last Date, Local Lair, Lying Game, My Darkest Dream, The Village Lord, and Too Old For This.

Inem Peter’s Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of around $400,000, Inem Peter’s wealth is attributed to her successful acting career. Her journey from her early days in Lagos to becoming a sought-after actress has undoubtedly contributed to her financial success.

Inem Peter’s Social Media Presence:

Inem Peter enjoys a substantial following on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she boasts over 202,000 followers. Fans can stay updated on her latest projects and engagements by following her at @inempeter.


Q1: When was Inem Peter born? A1: Inem Peter was born on October 20, 1989.

Q2: Where did Inem Peter grow up? A2: Inem Peter spent most of her early life in Lagos, Nigeria.

Q3: What is Inem Peter’s educational background? A3: She graduated with a B.Sc degree in Computer Science from Houdegbe North American University in 2014.

Q4: What is Inem Peter’s net worth? A4: Inem Peter’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000, primarily earned through her acting career.


Inem Peter’s journey from a young girl in Lagos to a successful actress is truly inspiring. With a diverse filmography and a growing fanbase, she continues to make a mark in the Nigerian film industry. As fans eagerly anticipate her future projects, Inem Peter remains a rising star to watch.