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In the vibrant world of Nigerian entertainment, one name that has become synonymous with dedication and loyalty is Israel DMW. Born on October 4, 1991, in Edo State, Nigeria, Israel’s journey from his early days in Edo to performing at the prestigious O2 Arena in London is nothing short of remarkable.

Israel DMW Early Life and Education:

Israel DMW received his primary and secondary education in Edo State before pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy at Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma. Little did he know that his academic journey would pave the way for an extraordinary career in the entertainment industry.

Israel DMW Career Beginnings:

Upon moving to Lagos in search of a better life, Israel found himself in the employ of none other than Nigerian music sensation Davido. Serving as an assistant, publicist, and logistics manager, Israel’s unwavering dedication to his work and his boss has earned him the title of a brother in Davido’s eyes.

Controversies and Challenges:

Despite his success, Israel DMW hasn’t been immune to controversy. A social media post in early 2021 ignited a feud between DJ Cuppy and Zlatan, with Israel alleging non-compensation for Zlatan’s contributions. This led to a legal battle with DJ Cuppy, who vehemently denied the claims.

In August 2021, Israel faced another setback when Davido suspended him over comments on social media regarding a fraud allegation against the deputy commissioner of police. However, after three months of pleading and solicitation, Israel was reinstated by Davido.

Accident and Resilience:

In a tragic turn of events, Israel DMW faced a horrific accident in Benin City shortly after receiving a new car from Davido. The collision resulted in severe injuries and damage, underscoring the challenges he has overcome in his journey.

O2 Arena Triumph:

One of the highlights of Israel DMW’s career came on March 5, 2022, when he performed the grand opening at Davido’s O2 Arena tour in London. Dressed in his Edo native attire, Israel captivated the audience with heartfelt praises for Davido, showcasing the bond between the two.

Israel DMW Net Worth and Social Media Presence:

Israel DMW’s hard work has translated into financial success, with an estimated net worth of $40,000 USD as of March 2022. His popularity extends to Instagram, where he boasts 500,000 followers.


  1. What led to the feud between DJ Cuppy and Zlatan? Israel DMW claimed the feud stemmed from DJ Cuppy’s alleged failure to compensate Zlatan for his contributions to the “Gelato” song and her fundraising efforts.
  2. Why was Israel DMW suspended by Davido in August 2021? Israel’s suspension came after he made comments on social media regarding a fraud allegation against the deputy commissioner of police, leading to a rift with Davido.
  3. How did Israel DMW recover from the accident in Benin City? Despite the catastrophic injuries from the accident, Israel DMW showcased resilience and eventually returned to his role as Davido’s logistics manager and promoter.


From his humble beginnings in Edo State to sharing the stage at the O2 Arena, Israel DMW’s journey is a testament to perseverance and dedication in the face of challenges. As he continues to make waves in the Nigerian entertainment scene, one can only anticipate what the future holds for this rising star.