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Jordan Knight, born on May 17, 1970, in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a multifaceted talent recognized as the lead singer of the iconic boy band, New Kids on the Block. With a net worth of $18 million, this American singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor has left an indelible mark on the music industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Jordan Knight’s early life, his rise to fame with New Kids on the Block, his solo career, and other notable pursuits.

Jordan Knight Early Life:

Jordan Knight, the youngest of six children, hails from Worcester, Massachusetts. Raised in a religious household, his parents, both Episcopal priests, instilled values that would shape his journey. Despite early struggles in athletics, particularly baseball, Knight’s destiny took a turn when he joined New Kids on the Block at the age of 14.

New Kids on the Block:

In 1984, Knight joined New Kids on the Block, a band formed by his friend Donnie Wahlberg. The group’s journey, fueled by determination, saw them signing with Columbia Records and releasing their debut album in 1986. While the initial singles faced challenges, their second album, “Hangin’ Tough,” propelled them to stardom, reaching number one on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. The band’s success continued into the early 1990s, but a decline ensued, leading to their breakup.

Solo Career and Other Pursuits:

After the disbandment, Jordan Knight embarked on a solo career in 1999, achieving success with his debut single, “Give It To You.” His self-titled album went gold, selling over 500,000 copies. Subsequent releases, including remix albums and EPs, marked his solo journey.

In 2008, New Kids on the Block reunited, and in 2011, they joined forces with the Backstreet Boys to form NKOTBSB, creating a musical sensation. Knight continued his solo endeavors, releasing albums like “Unfinished” and collaborating with Nick Carter on “Nick & Knight” in 2014.

Jordan Knight Reality TV and Personal Life:

Beyond music, Jordan Knight found success in reality TV, serving as a judge on “American Juniors” and appearing on “The Surreal Life.” His personal life includes his marriage to Evelyn Melendez in 2004, and they share two children.


1. What is Jordan Knight’s net worth?

  • Jordan Knight’s net worth is estimated at $18 million.

2. When did New Kids on the Block disband?

  • New Kids on the Block officially disbanded in the mid-1990s.

3. Tell us about Jordan Knight’s solo career.

  • Jordan Knight embarked on his solo career in 1999, achieving success with hits like “Give It To You” and releasing albums such as “Jordan Knight” and “Unfinished.”


Jordan Knight’s journey from the halls of New Kids on the Block to his flourishing solo career is a testament to his enduring talent and versatility. As we celebrate his musical legacy, Knight’s impact on the industry remains undeniable, leaving an indelible mark that continues to resonate with fans worldwide.