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In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, a musical prodigy named Magixx emerged, captivating audiences with his unique blend of talent and creativity. Born on September 27, 1999, to the Alexander family in Ogba, Lagos State, Magixx’s journey from a young music enthusiast to a Mavin Records signee is nothing short of inspiring.

Magixx Early Years and Musical Influences:

Growing up in Lagos but originally hailing from Ekiti State, Magixx found solace in music from a young age. Immersed in genres like pop, hip-hop, reggae, and highlife, he drew inspiration from legendary singers such as Fela Kuti, 2baba, D’banj, and Shina Peters. His passion for music led him to experiment with songwriting and, eventually, performing at local school contests and carnivals.

Magixx Education and Musical Beginnings:

Magixx’s educational journey took him through primary and secondary schooling in Lagos before he pursued a degree in mass communication at the University of Lagos. It was during his time at UNILAG that he gained recognition, winning the Mass Communications Got Talent competition in 2015. This victory marked the beginning of his professional music career.

Magixx Career Milestones:

In 2018, Magixx signed with the Music by Nature Record Label (MBN), solidifying his commitment to a musical future. His involvement in the UNILAG music scene and regular performances at parties and gigs helped him build a devoted fan base. Notably, his cover of Burna Boy’s “Dangote” and a rendition of Adekunle Gold’s “Sinner” showcased his talent, garnering thousands of views on Instagram.

Mavin Records and Debut EP:

On September 23, 2021, Don Jazzy, the renowned music executive, announced Magixx as the newest signee to Mavin Records. Having trained at the Mavin Academy, Magixx released his debut EP, titled “Magixx,” the same day. The EP features tracks like “Love Don’t Cost A Dime,” “Like A Movie,” “Pati,” “Gratitude,” and “Motivate Yourself.” The music videos, directed by the esteemed Director K, further solidified Magixx’s presence in the industry.

Magixx Personal Life:

Currently residing in Lekki, Lagos, Magixx shares living space with fellow Mavin Records artists. Despite his growing success, he remains unmarried and without a girlfriend. The Mavin Records deal has undoubtedly provided him with more exposure, with the record label handling the production, publishing, and promotion of his music and brand.

Magixx’s Songs and Future Prospects:

From his debut EP to freestyle covers and collaborations, Magixx has showcased his versatility and musical prowess. Some notable tracks include “Gratitude,” “Motivate Yourself,” “Love Don’t Cost A Dime,” “Like A Movie,” and “Pati.” As a young artist with a promising future, Magixx’s estimated net worth is $500,000, a testament to his early success.

Magixx Social Media Presence:

Magixx actively engages with his audience on Instagram (@iam_magixx) and Twitter (@iam_magixx), keeping fans updated on his musical journey and upcoming projects.

FAQ Section:

Q1: When did Magixx sign with Mavin Records? A1: Magixx was announced as the newest Mavin Records signee on September 23, 2021.

Q2: What is the title of Magixx’s debut EP? A2: Magixx’s debut EP is titled “Magixx” and features five tracks.

Q3: Who directed the music videos for Magixx’s songs? A3: The visuals for Magixx’s songs were directed by the renowned Director K.

Q4: What is Magixx’s estimated net worth? A4: Magixx is estimated to be worth $500,000.

Q5: Is Magixx currently in a relationship? A5: No, Magixx is currently unmarried and without a girlfriend.


Magixx’s journey from a music-loving child in Lagos to a Mavin Records artist is a testament to his dedication and talent. With a promising career ahead, he continues to captivate audiences with his unique sound. As he navigates the dynamic world of Afrobeats, Magixx’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a celebration of the rich musical tapestry of Nigeria.