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In the heart of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, on November 4, 1983, a musical sensation named Ruby Gyang was born into a family of five children. From the early years in Jos to the roots in Benue State, Ruby’s childhood laid the foundation for a remarkable journey in the world of music. Her parents, with ties to Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, set the stage for a diverse and supportive upbringing.

Ruby’s  Early Life and Education:

Ruby’s early education spanned Ahmadu Bello Elementary School and Command Primary School in Jos, eventually leading her to Estate Secondary School in Makurdi and Bethany Christian Academy in Plateau State. Her pursuit of knowledge extended to the University of Jos, where she delved into Economics while nurturing her innate passion for music.

Ruby’s  Career Beginnings:

From the tender age of five, Ruby found solace in the church choir, foreshadowing her future in the music industry. Despite her father’s initial reservations, her parents, especially her mother, recognized her talent and supported her musical endeavors. In 2005, Ruby, along with musical companions like MI, Jesse Jagz, and Ice Prince, formed the “Loopy Crew,” marking the inception of her professional music career.

Debut and Breakthrough:

Ruby’s debut single, “No More,” emerged in 2005, setting the stage for subsequent releases like “OK” (2011) and “Good Man” (2014). The latter proved to be her breakthrough, garnering significant radio play, stage presence, and prestigious award nominations. In 2015, the Loopy Crew merged with Chocolate City, leading Ruby to sign with the renowned label.

Musical Collaborations and Achievements:

Ruby Gyang’s musical journey intertwined with collaborations with artists such as M.I., Jesse Jagz, Show Dem Camp, and more. Her discography boasts studio albums like “This is Love” (2016) and singles like “Kale Ni” (2017) and “O Holy Night” (2017). Her genre, R&B/Soul Fusion, resonates with audiences, earning her accolades such as Best Female Artiste at the Eloy Awards (2014) and Best Artist in African RnB & Soul at AFRIMA (2015).

Ruby’s  Personal Life:

Beyond the stage, Ruby embraces the role of a single mother, emphasizing self-love and serving as a positive influence for her child. Her openness about her personal life adds a relatable touch to her public persona.

Discography and Awards:

Ruby’s musical journey is punctuated with hits like “Crushing,” “Oya Dance,” and “Imperfect,” earning her accolades such as Best Vocal Performance (Female, HEADIES 2014) and Best Alternative Song (HEADIES 2014).


Q1: When did Ruby Gyang release her debut single? A1: Ruby Gyang’s debut single, “No More,” was released in 2005.

Q2: What is Ruby Gyang’s genre? A2: Ruby Gyang’s genre is R&B/Soul Fusion.

Q3: What is Ruby Gyang’s net worth? A3: Ruby Gyang’s estimated net worth is $2 million.


Ruby Gyang’s musical journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. From her early years in Jos to gracing prestigious stages, Ruby has carved a niche in the music industry. Her story is one of inspiration, self-discovery, and the undeniable power of soulful melodies.

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