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Meet Kaia Faith Calaway, the charming daughter of wrestling legends Mark William Calaway, famously known as The Undertaker, and Michelle McCool. Born on August 29, 2012, in Austin, Texas, Kaia is making waves as a budding celebrity in her own right. In this blog post, we delve into the life, family, and background of this nine-year-old gem.

Kaia Faith Calaway’s Background:

Kaia is a proud American, born to a family deeply rooted in the wrestling world. Her father, The Undertaker, is a WWE icon, while her mother, Michelle McCool, is a former two-time WWE Women’s Champion. With a Virgo horoscope, Kaia is the youngest among her siblings, which include half-brother Gunner Vincent, and half-sisters Chasey and Gracie Calaway.

The Calaway Family Story:

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Kaia belongs to the illustrious Calaway family. Her father, The Undertaker, began his wrestling career in 1984 and has since become a living legend in the WWE universe. Despite the challenges of his personal life, Mark Calaway is the proud father of six children from three different marriages.

Kaia Faith Parents’ Relationships:

Mark Calaway’s journey through marriage is an intriguing tale. His first marriage to Jodi Lynn in 1989 resulted in the birth of his son Gunner. After a divorce in 1999, Mark married Sara, and together they had two daughters, Chasey and Gracie. However, this marriage ended in 2007. It wasn’t until June 26, 2010, that Mark tied the knot with Michelle McCool in Houston, Texas, completing the Calaway family.

Kaia Faith Calaway’s Net Worth:

While Kaia is too young to have a net worth, her father, The Undertaker, boasts an estimated net worth between $17 to $20 million. Mark’s illustrious wrestling career, coupled with various ventures, has secured the financial legacy of the Calaway family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Who are Kaia Faith Calaway’s parents?
    • Kaia’s parents are Mark William Calaway (The Undertaker) and Michelle McCool, both renowned professional wrestlers.
  2. How many siblings does Kaia have?
    • Kaia has three half-siblings: Gunner Vincent, Chasey, and Gracie Calaway.
  3. What is The Undertaker’s net worth?
    • The Undertaker’s net worth is estimated to be between $17 to $20 million.
  4. When did The Undertaker retire?
    • The Undertaker officially retired from wrestling at the age of 55.


Kaia Faith Calaway stands as the youngest member of the Calaway wrestling dynasty, with an impressive lineage and a promising future. As she continues to grow, the world eagerly watches the unfolding legacy of this young celebrity, carrying the torch passed down by her legendary parents.