Man Storms Bank And Carries Their Printer For Refusing To Return His Money(Watch)

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An angry man who felt he has been given a raw deal by his bankers stormed the banking hall to create a scene after his plea to have them remedy the anomaly fell on deaf ears.

Per the information shrouding the man’s outburst, it emerged that for sometime now he has been experiencing wrongful deductions in his account.

He therefore informed the bank to do something about it by asking them to refund the money but they failed to comply with his directive.

Overly pissed off for their lack of apathy, the man stormed the bank and took away their printer. He dashed to the door when another customer started pleading with him per a correlative video uploaded online.

Some bank officials also approached him and begged him to leave the printer. In response he asked if they are ready to attend to him yet.