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Discover the journey of Master KG, born on January 31, 1996, in Calais Village, Limpopo, near Tzaneen. At the age of 13, he embarked on a musical odyssey, experimenting with beats on a computer gifted by his late uncle. Join us as we delve into his rise to fame, musical achievements, personal life, and much more.

Master KG’s Early Beginnings:

Master KG’s musical journey commenced at a young age when he began exploring beats on a computer. Collaborating with DJ Maebela, he honed his skills and experimented with various software, laying the foundation for his future success.

Master KG’s Career Highlights:

In 2016, Master KG made a splash with his album “Skeleton Moves,” featuring hits like “Skeleton Moves” and “Waya Waya.” A major signing with Open Mic Productions in 2018 marked a turning point in his career, leading to collaborations with artists such as Makhadzi and Zanda Zakuza. Notably, he gained fame for creating the “Bolobedu dance.”

The release of his debut album, “Skeleton Move,” brought him widespread acclaim, topping charts and earning numerous nominations. His collaboration with David Guetta and Akon on “Shine Your Light” in 2021 showcased his global reach.

In 2020, Master KG released his second studio album, “Jerusalem,” featuring the chart-topping track “Jerusalema” with Nomcebo, a song that dominated South African clubs and parties.

Master KG’s Personal Life:

Master KG’s personal life includes a past relationship with Makhadzi, which ended in August 2020.


Explore Master KG’s discography, featuring albums like “Jerusalema,” “Skeleton Move,” and “Black Drum.” Notable singles include “Waya Waya,” “Skeleton Move,” and “Ngifuna Wena.”

Awards and Nominations:

Master KG’s talent has been recognized with awards such as Best Dance Song in the 2018 Limpopo Music Awards and Best Male Artist in Southern Africa in the 2019 African Musik Magazine Awards.

Master KG’s Net Worth:

Master KG’s net worth stands at an impressive $1.8 million.

Master KG’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Master KG on Instagram (@masterkgsa) and Twitter (@MasterKGsa).


Q1: What is Master KG’s most famous dance? A1: Master KG gained fame for inventing the “Bolobedu dance,” which has become synonymous with his music.

Q2: Who did Master KG collaborate with on “Shine Your Light”? A2: Master KG collaborated with David Guetta and Akon on the 2021 single “Shine Your Light.”

Q3: When did Master KG and Makhadzi separate? A3: Master KG and Makhadzi separated in August 2020.


Master KG’s musical journey from humble beginnings to global recognition is a testament to his talent and dedication. Stay tuned for more from this South African sensation as he continues to captivate audiences worldwide.