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In the realm of electronic payments in Nigeria, one name stands out – Mitchell Elegbe. From humble beginnings to the helm of Interswitch, Mitchell’s journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and a commitment to transforming the financial landscape. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the life of Mitchell Elegbe, the birth of Interswitch, its impact, and Mitchell’s contributions to the Fintech space.

Mitchell Elegbe’s Early Life and Career Journey:

Mitchell Elegbe’s story begins with a unique twist – losing his father before birth and being raised by his uncle. A graduate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Benin, Mitchell’s career took shape during his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Computer Systems Associates. His experiences working in Scotland, particularly the embarrassment of a seized card at an ATM, sparked an idea that would change the face of electronic payments in Nigeria.

The Birth of Interswitch:

Four years after his NYSC, Mitchell Elegbe founded Interswitch in 2002. Overcoming initial challenges, including fundraising with support from Accenture, Mitchell’s vision began to materialize. The name ‘Interswitch’ was coined from international, interconnect, interactive, and “The switch,” reflecting the goal of easing financial transactions in Africa. By 2010, with investments from Helios, Mitchell assumed the role of CEO, propelling Interswitch into a new era.

Interswitch Products and Benefits:

Interswitch’s impact on electronic payments in Nigeria is evident through its array of products:

  1. Verve: Nigeria’s most used payment card, with over 18 million ATM cards.
  2. Quickteller: An online payment platform.
  3. Retailpay: A mobile business handling platform.
  4. Smartgov: Infrastructure managing identity and e-payment for state governments.

The benefits of Interswitch are far-reaching, from simplifying revenue collection and bill payments to facilitating interbank and intra-bank transfers. The company’s investment in skills and technology has resulted in cutting-edge payment solutions across Africa.

Awards and Recognitions:

Mitchell Elegbe’s leadership has garnered numerous awards, including the Harvard Business School Association Leadership Award and the CNBC/Forbes All African Business Leader Awards. His commitment to excellence is further highlighted by the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Financial Technology Africa Awards.

Philanthropic Activities:

Mitchell’s impact extends beyond business. Through the Interswitch group, he launched a $10 million growth fund supporting Fintech companies. Additionally, initiatives like the SPAK National Science Competition promote STEM education in Nigeria.

Mitchell Elegbe’s Net Worth:

While Mitchell Elegbe’s net worth remains undisclosed, Interswitch’s estimated worth exceeds $26 billion, attesting to its significant presence in the Fintech industry.

Mitchell Elegbe’s Social Media Handles:

Stay connected with Mitchell Elegbe on Instagram (@mitchellelegbe) and Twitter (@MitchellElegbe) for insights into his journey and industry updates.


Q1: What inspired Mitchell Elegbe to start Interswitch? A: Mitchell’s experience with an ATM in Scotland, coupled with a desire to revolutionize Nigeria’s financial transactions, fueled the inception of Interswitch in 2002.

Q2: What are the key products offered by Interswitch? A: Interswitch offers a range of products, including Verve, Quickteller, Retailpay, and Smartgov, catering to diverse electronic payment needs.

Q3: How has Interswitch contributed to philanthropy? A: Interswitch, under Mitchell Elegbe’s leadership, launched a $10 million growth fund to support Fintech companies and initiated the SPAK National Science Competition to promote STEM education in Nigeria.


Mitchell Elegbe’s entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of Interswitch exemplify a transformative force in Nigeria’s electronic payments landscape. From a visionary concept to a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, Mitchell’s impact is felt not only in business success but also in fostering innovation and giving back to the community. As Interswitch continues to shape the future of Fintech in Africa, Mitchell Elegbe remains a trailblazer in the industry.