No Man Can Give Me The Type Of Money I’m Looking For – Cindy Okafor Claims

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Cindy Okafor has stated that she does not believe any man could provide her the amount of money she desires, implying that she does not rely on males for financial support.

Cindy Okafor is attempting to persuade us that she belongs to the group of women who work hard for their own money rather than those who rely on men for money since the type of money she seeks is something she honestly does not believe any man can provide.

According to her, she finds it amusing when women rely or k!ll themselves over a man for money since she believes she can work and earn the kind of money she desires, which no male can provide for her.

As a woman, relying on a man for money means putting your entire life in his hands, which is awful enough, let alone k!lling each other over a man’s money, but we’re curious about the type of money Cindy Okafor is searching for that no male can provide, even if she doesn’t rely on him.

Working and earning your own money as a woman while also taking money from your man does not mean you are dependent on him, but Cindy Okafor appears to be one of those who dislikes the idea of taking anything from a man because it is seen as being dependent on them, even if you are working and earning your own money.

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