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In the heart of Ogun State, Nigeria, a musical prodigy named Olakira is making waves and leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene. Born Adelusola Ebenezer Adefemi on September 27, 1990, Olakira’s journey from playing instruments in his local church during his teenage years to becoming a renowned singer, songwriter, and music producer is nothing short of inspiring.

Olakira’s Background:

Olakira pursued Mass Communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, complemented by a Diploma in Desktop Publishing. His early years in the music industry saw him not only playing instruments but also penning songs for established artists.

Olakira  Career Highlights:

In 2015, Olakira ventured into music production, catching the attention of U&I Music Label (Ra). His debut singles, “Hey Lover” and “Flirty Signal,” released in June 2018, marked the inception of his solo career. However, it was in March 2020 that he truly captured the spotlight with the release of “Aya Mi,” a song accompanied by a visually stunning video that garnered widespread acclaim.

Album and Notable Tracks:

Olakira’s 7-track EP, “Wankada Jollof,” released on July 12, 2019, showcased his versatility. Tracks like “Money Groove,” “Till Dawn,” and “Aya Mi (My Love)” demonstrated his prowess in crafting melodious and captivating music.

Olakira’s Discography:

  • 2018: Hey Lover, Flirty Signal
  • 2019: Aya Mi, Summer Time, Till Dawn, Money Groove, Wakanda Jollof, Come ‘N Do, Ma Cherie Coco
  • 2020: In My Maserati, Lovesick

Multi-Talented Virtuoso:

Beyond his vocal talents, Olakira is a skilled instrumentalist, proficient in drums, talking drums, keyboard, guitar, and saxophone.

Latest Hit: “In My Maserati”

Inspired by his love for the luxury brand, Maserati, Olakira’s latest hit, “In My Maserati,” is a testament to his unique style and romantic lyricism. The music video, directed by the acclaimed Clarence Peters, adds visual allure to the enchanting melody.

Olakira  Social Media Presence:

With over 110k followers on his verified Instagram account (@iamolakira), Olakira engages with fans, sharing glimpses of his musical journey and personal life.


Olakira stands as a symbol of growth and success in the Nigerian music industry, embracing and celebrating the richness of African culture through his original sound. As he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Olakira’s story is one of passion, dedication, and the unyielding pursuit of musical excellence.


Q1: What inspired Olakira’s hit song “In My Maserati”? A1: Olakira’s deep affection for the luxury vehicle brand, Maserati, served as the inspiration for his chart-topping song “In My Maserati.”

Q2: How can I follow Olakira on social media? A2: Olakira can be followed on his verified Instagram account, @iamolakira, where he shares updates and interacts with his fanbase.

Q3: When did Olakira release his debut singles? A3: Olakira introduced himself to the music scene with the release

of his debut singles, “Hey Lover” and “Flirty Signal,” in June 2018.

Q4: What instruments can Olakira play? A4: Olakira is a multi-talented instrumentalist, showcasing his skills in drums, talking drums, keyboard, guitar, and saxophone.

Q5: What is the significance of the EP “Wankada Jollof”? A5: “Wankada Jollof” is Olakira’s 7-track EP released on July 12, 2019, featuring captivating tracks like “Money Groove,” “Till Dawn,” and “Aya Mi (My Love).”

Q6: Who directed the music video for “In My Maserati”? A6: The renowned and award-winning music director Clarence Peters directed the visually enchanting music video for “In My Maserati.”