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Meet Romain Zago, the French-American entrepreneur, club owner, and former reality television star, best known as the ex-husband of actress and model Joanna Krupa. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of Romain Zago’s life, including his nationality, age, family, relationships, biography, net worth, and career. Get ready to explore the fascinating journey of this Scorpio-born businessman.

Romain Zago’s Profile:

Full Name: Romain Zago Birth Place: France Nationality: French-American Age: 49 years 8 months Height: 6 feet 3 inches (1.91m) Net Worth: $12 million Profession: Celebrity Ex-Husband, Business and Club Owner Ethnicity: French Weight: 92 Kg Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Birth Date: November 08, 1972 Horoscope: Scorpio

Romain Zago’s Biography:

Romain Zago was born in France on November 8, 1972, to parents whose identities remain undisclosed. With French ancestry, Zago’s academic journey might have included a stint in college, but details about his educational background are scarce.

Romain Zago’s Marriage and Relationships:

Romain Zago is currently married to Carolina Delgado, a fitness model. Their relationship began in 2018, and they publicly announced their engagement in February 2020. However, Romain’s previous marriage was with reality TV actress Joanna Krupa. The couple initially exchanged vows on June 13, following a five-year engagement that began in 2008. Despite facing challenges, they reconciled in 2012, only to file for divorce in 2016, which was finalized in August 2017.

Romain Zago’s Career:

Zago’s professional journey kicked off as a fashion model before he transitioned to bartending at Mynt Lounge. His dedication earned him a promotion to VIP director, and in 2006, he seized the opportunity to become the owner of Mynt Lounge. His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; he went on to establish Myn-Tu, a renowned restaurant fusing Vietnamese and Japanese cultures with French influences. Romain Zago’s visibility in the public eye was further amplified through his association with his ex-wife, Joanna Krupa.

Romain Zago’s Net Worth:

As the owner of the famous Mamia club, Romain Zago has amassed considerable wealth. With an estimated net worth of $12 million, his success as a businessman and entrepreneur is evident.


Q1: Who is Romain Zago’s current wife? A: Romain Zago is currently married to Carolina Delgado, a fitness model.

Q2: When did Romain Zago and Joanna Krupa get divorced? A: Romain Zago and Joanna Krupa filed for divorce in December 2016, and the case was finalized in August 2017.

Q3: What is Romain Zago’s net worth? A: Romain Zago’s estimated net worth is $12 million.


Romain Zago’s journey from a fashion model to a successful club owner is a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess. Despite the ups and downs in his personal life, Zago continues to make a mark in the business world. This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of his life, serving as a valuable resource for those intrigued by the story of this French-American celebrity.