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Meet Silas Nwankwo, the talented Nigerian football player and athlete, born on December 12, 2003, in Nasarawa State, Northern Nigeria. This rising star, currently making waves with Nasarawa United Squad, has an inspiring journey that reflects his passion for football and dedication to the sport.

Silas Nwankwo’s  Early Life and Background:

Hailing from Nasarawa State, Silas Nwankwo holds Nigerian citizenship by birth and follows the Christian faith. His love for football began early, nurtured by the unwavering support of his parents. As he grew, he attended institutions that played a pivotal role in shaping his skills and paving the way for his entry into the professional football industry.

Silas Nwankwo’s  Early Career Highlights:

Silas Nwankwo’s journey includes stints with notable teams such as Mjallby AIF, Crown FC, and Sunshine Stars. His breakthrough came when Swedish club Mjallby signed him on February 3, 2022, after recognizing his exceptional skills. In the NFL matches, Nwankwo, a versatile player with positions as a Second striker right-back and Center Forward, has made seven appearances, scoring one goal and providing two assists.

Silas Nwankwo’s  Personal Life:

While details about Silas Nwankwo’s romantic life remain undisclosed, the 18-year-old football sensation is reported to be “just as single.” His focus on the game is evident as he continues to make strides in his career.

Silas Nwankwo’s  Physical Attributes:

Standing at an impressive 6 feet (183 cm) and weighing 165 lbs (75 kg), Silas Nwankwo possesses the ideal physique for a professional football player. His striking black eyes and hair add to his charismatic presence on and off the field.

Financial Standing:

Silas Nwankwo’s net worth is estimated to be between $200,000 and $400,000, primarily earned through his successful career in the sports industry. As a signed professional football player, he continues to make a mark in the field, both in Nigeria and on the international stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: Where was Silas Nwankwo born? A: Silas Nwankwo was born in Nasarawa State, a northern state in Nigeria.

Q2: What is Silas Nwankwo’s main position in football? A: Silas Nwankwo’s main position is Center Forward, and he also plays as a Second striker right-back.

Q3: Does Silas Nwankwo have a girlfriend? A: As of now, details about Silas Nwankwo’s romantic life are not known, and he is reported to be single.


Silas Nwankwo’s journey from Nasarawa State to the international football stage is a testament to his dedication and skill. As he continues to shine with Nasarawa United Squad and beyond, his story serves as an inspiration for aspiring footballers. Keep an eye on this young talent, as he leaves an indelible mark on the world of football.