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Stella Damasus, born on April 24, 1978, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, is a renowned actress and advocate whose impact in Nollywood has left an indelible mark. From her early education in Benin City to rising to prominence in the Nigerian movie industry, Damasus has not only excelled in her acting career but has also become a passionate advocate for women’s rights. In this blog post, we delve into her journey, notable achievements, and the programs she champions.

Stella Damasus Early Life and Education:

Stella Damasus began her educational journey in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, before her family relocated to Asaba, Delta State, where she completed her secondary education. She furthered her studies at the University of Lagos, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. Her commitment to continuous improvement led her to attend a Film Audition Workshop and On-Camera Intensive training, enhancing her acting skills.

Stella Damasus Career Milestones:

Stella Damasus officially entered the Nigerian movie industry in 1992, gaining recognition with her second film, “Breaking Point,” which became a Nollywood blockbuster. Since then, she has featured in over 80 movies, including notable titles like “Dangerous,” “Kings Pride,” “Rattle Snake 1, 2, and 3,” and “When God Says Yes.”

Stella Damasus Awards and Recognition:

Damasus’s talent has earned her numerous accolades, such as the Best Actress award at the African Film Festival (AFF) for “Between” in 2019, the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2007, and the Golden Icons Academy Awards in Houston, Texas, in 2012. She has also received nominations at prestigious events like the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) and the Cameroon Entertainment Awards.

Stella Damasus Music Endeavors:

Beyond acting, Stella Damasus has ventured into music with her album titled “The Alternative,” showcasing her diverse talents and creative pursuits.

Advocacy and Programs:

Passionate about women’s welfare, Damasus hosts two podcast shows, “When Women Praise” and “Undiluted With Stella Damasus,” addressing issues relevant to the girl-child and women. As the co-founder of 12radio, she advocates for women’s empowerment and improved self-worth. Her programs, including “Daily Dose” and “Actors Playhouse,” offer a raw and unscripted look into her experiences and the lifestyle of actors.


  1. What was Stella Damasus’s breakthrough movie?
    • Stella gained prominence with her second movie, “Breaking Point,” which became a Nollywood blockbuster.
  2. How many movies has Stella Damasus featured in?
    • Stella has featured in over 80 movies, showcasing her versatility as an actress.
  3. What awards has Stella Damasus won?
    • Stella has won awards such as Best Actress at the African Film Festival (AFF), Nigeria Entertainment Awards, and Golden Icons Academy Awards.
  4. What is Stella Damasus’s music album called?
    • Stella’s music album is titled “The Alternative.”


Stella Damasus’s journey from her early days in Benin City to becoming a celebrated actress and advocate reflects her commitment to excellence and women’s empowerment. Through her impactful programs and diverse talents, she continues to inspire and contribute significantly to the Nigerian entertainment industry and beyond.