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Steve Harvey, the multifaceted American comedian, actor, television host, and producer, has captivated audiences with his unique humor and charisma. Born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, USA, Harvey’s journey from stand-up comedy to television fame is nothing short of remarkable. In this blog post, we delve into key aspects of his life, including his family, net worth, social media presence, and more.

Steve Harvey’s Family Life:

Steve Harvey has experienced love and family on multiple occasions, having been married three times. His current and enduring marriage is with Marjorie Elaine Harvey, a union that began in 2007. This marriage has blessed him with seven children from previous marriages, creating a rich tapestry of familial bonds.

Steve Harvey’s  Net Worth and Success:

Harvey’s success is not only measured in laughter but also in dollars. Estimated to be around $180 million, his net worth reflects his diverse career. From stand-up comedy to hosting popular television shows like “The Steve Harvey Show” and “Family Feud,” as well as his forays into acting and producing, Harvey’s wealth is a testament to his enduring influence in the entertainment industry.

Steve Harvey’s  Social Media Presence:

In the digital age, Steve Harvey stays connected with his fans through various social media channels. You can find him on Instagram (@iamsteveharveytv), Twitter (@IAmSteveHarvey), and Facebook (Steve Harvey), offering a glimpse into his life beyond the stage and screen.

Steve Harvey’s  Age, Name, and Origin:

At the time of writing, Steve Harvey is 66 years old, born as Broderick Stephen Harvey. While he may not be associated with a specific tribe, his American origin is rooted in Welch, West Virginia, where he was born.

FAQs :

Q: What is Steve Harvey’s current marital status?

A: Steve Harvey is currently married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

Q: Can you provide Steve Harvey’s contact information?

A: For privacy and security reasons, personal contact information, including phone number and residential address, cannot be provided.

Q: What is the source of Steve Harvey’s wealth?

A: Steve Harvey’s wealth stems from his successful career in stand-up comedy, television hosting, acting, and various business ventures.

Steve Harvey’s  Educational Background:

Harvey’s journey to fame began in Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended Glenville High School. He later pursued higher education at Kent State University before embarking on his comedic career.


Steve Harvey’s career trajectory from stand-up comedy to becoming a household name in American television and entertainment is a testament to his talent and work ethic. With a thriving family life, a significant online presence, and a net worth reflecting his success, Steve Harvey continues to be an influential figure in pop culture. As of my last update in September 2021, this blog post provides a comprehensive overview of his life, but it’s essential to stay tuned for any developments in his ever-evolving career.