“They Should Read The Direction” – Uche Jombo Shares Successful Tips To Young Talents

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Nigerian actress, screenwriter and film producer, Uche Jombo has shared some insightful words to young talents in an interview she recently had.

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Jombo, in an Instagram live interview with Nevadabridgetv, said that it is eaiser now to making a face and career in Nollywood than it was during her time.

She said;


“I always say that this generation has it slightly easier in the sense that there is social media you can post yourself with a strong monologue and tag actors, producers, and people you feel can call you for an audition depending on how strong your monologue turns out to be,”

“They (this generation) have it easier because you actually have a platform you can post and tag people that you feel will be interested in them which is the easiest way to get any attention. I did a project where most of the cast we got off the internet so it is easier now.”

She also went on to advise young talents to pay attention to details whenever they get a lead for an audition.

She said;

“They should read the direction, every audition notice, everyone sent to you, read the direction, it guides you. If you do not read it, you might not bring the mood you are supposed to bring, and then you might lose the job to someone who reads the directions. Always read the directions it is imperative,”


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