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In the bustling city of Surulere, Lagos, a visionary named Tola Joseph was born on October 14, 1986. Hailing from Ondo State in the Southwestern part of Nigeria, Tola’s life has been a remarkable journey of resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial success. From humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space, Tola’s story is one of inspiration and triumph.

Tola Joseph’s Early Life and Education:

Tola’s educational journey began at Queen Mary Nursery & Primary School in Lagos before his family’s relocation to Ondo State. There, he completed his elementary education at Ebunoluwa Nursery & Primary School and later attended Ondo Boys High School for his secondary education in the 1997/1998 session.

In 2013, Tola pursued higher education at the College of Education Ekiti, specializing in Biology and Chemistry. His academic journey continued at Ekiti State University’s affiliated campus in Epe, Lagos, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Science. While contemplating further studies at NOUN University, Tola decided against it due to perceived limited job opportunities post-graduation.

Tola Joseph’s Career Beginnings:

The year 2010 marked a turning point for Tola as he returned to Lagos, facing financial struggles and sleeping in an uncompleted building. Initially working as a teacher, he later transitioned to a site manager role under Mr. Owoseyi. Fate intervened when a chance encounter in church led him to a youth innovation program, where Tola secured a grant of #9 million. With this financial boost, he established a successful block industry.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency:

In 2016, following the rise and fall of the Ponzi scheme MMM in Nigeria, Tola discovered Bitcoin. Capitalizing on this newfound knowledge, he founded Crypto Masterclass in 2017, dedicated to educating people about cryptocurrencies through various channels such as social media, conferences, Bootcamp, radio, and television stations. To date, over 5000 individuals have benefited from Tola’s efforts to provide financial education and promote financial independence.

Authorship and Contributions:

Tola Joseph’s commitment to cryptocurrency education extends to the publication of numerous ebooks, including titles such as Introduction to Cryptocurrency, Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading, Introduction to Trading Techniques, and others.

Tola Joseph’s Personal Life:

While Tola is widely recognized for his professional accomplishments, he maintains a personal life marked by singleness. In an interview with Naijabiography, he humorously noted that “Finding true love in Nigeria is now harder than finding money.”

Tola Joseph’s Awards and Recognitions:

Tola’s contributions to the cryptocurrency space have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by awards such as the OKX award for outstanding cryptocurrency trading performance, Binance top 6 African influencer award nominee, and the ECC cryptocurrency personality award of the year.


Despite his success, Tola has faced controversies, including impersonation attempts leading to scams. However, he remains dedicated to maintaining his integrity and addressing such issues responsibly.

Tola Joseph’s Net Worth and Ventures:

Beyond cryptocurrency, Tola has diversified his investments, owning a substantial farm with palm and cocoa plantations, employing over 8 workers. While his precise net worth is undisclosed, Tola is acknowledged as a wealthy entrepreneur with successful ventures both in and outside the crypto space.

Tola Joseph’s Social Media Presence:

Active on Twitter with over 20,000 followers, Tola engages with his audience and shares insights into the world of cryptocurrency. Follow him for updates and valuable information: @connectwithtola.


Tola Joseph’s journey from adversity to success serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. His dedication to education, resilience in the face of challenges, and diversified ventures underscore the impact of his contributions. As Tola continues to make strides in the crypto world, we wish him continued success in all his endeavors.


  1. How did Tola Joseph get into cryptocurrency? Tola discovered cryptocurrency in 2016 after the rise and fall of the Ponzi scheme MMM in Nigeria. This pivotal moment led him to explore the world of Bitcoin and ultimately establish Crypto Masterclass.
  2. What is Crypto Masterclass? Founded in 2017, Crypto Masterclass is an educational platform dedicated to enlightening people about cryptocurrencies through various channels, including social media, conferences, Bootcamp, radio, and television stations.
  3. Has Tola Joseph faced any controversies? Yes, Tola has encountered controversies, including impersonation attempts resulting in scams. However, he remains committed to addressing such issues responsibly and maintaining his integrity.
  4. What other ventures does Tola Joseph have aside from cryptocurrency? Tola has diversified his investments, owning a significant farm with palm and cocoa plantations. He employs over 8 workers on the farm and has established himself as a successful entrepreneur both within and outside the crypto space.