Venita BBnaija Biography, Age ,Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Children, Instagram, Parents, partner

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In the dynamic realm of Nigerian entertainment, Venita Akpofure stands as a multifaceted personality, celebrated for her roles as an actress, video vixen, reality TV star, television personality, and influential figure on social media. Best known as a participant in Big Brother Naija Season 4, the Pepper Dem Gang edition, Venita’s life and career have been a captivating narrative of talent and determination.

Venita BBnaija’s  Early Life:

Born on January 1, 1987, in the United Kingdom, Venita Akpofure has roots tracing back to Delta State, Nigeria. Growing up, she spent her formative years in Delta State, attending Our Lady of Apostles for her elementary education. Subsequently, she returned to England for high school and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Kingston Hertfordshire University.

Venita BBnaija’s  Career Journey:

Venita’s career trajectory began before her Big Brother Naija stint, showcasing her prowess in the entertainment industry. However, it was the reality TV show that catapulted her into the limelight, offering a significant platform that accelerated her career.

Is Venita BBnaija Married:

Venita Akpofure was once married to Terna Tarka, and their union resulted in two children. However, the marriage endured for a brief period, spanning four years. Presently, Venita is no longer married.

Venita BBnaija’s  Net Worth:

Estimates place Venita BBnaija’s net worth between $300,000 and $800,000, a testament to her success in the entertainment industry. Her journey, both before and after Big Brother Naija, reflects a commitment to excellence in her craft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What is Venita Akpofure’s background? A1: Venita was born in the United Kingdom but hails from Delta State, Nigeria. She spent her childhood in Nigeria before returning to England for her education.

Q2: When did Venita Akpofure’s career take off? A2: While Venita had established herself in the entertainment industry before Big Brother Naija, the reality show significantly boosted her career.

Q3: Is Venita Akpofure currently married? A3: No, Venita is no longer married. Her previous marriage to Terna Tarka lasted for four years.

Q4: What is Venita BBnaija’s net worth? A4: Venita’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $800,000, reflecting her success in the entertainment field.


Venita Akpofure’s journey from her early life to her flourishing career is a testament to her resilience and talent. As she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, her story serves as inspiration for aspiring individuals. From her roots in Delta State to the global stage of Big Brother Naija, Venita remains an influential figure with a promising future.