We Use Their Private Part to Prepare Our Charms for Money After Making Love With Women -Two Yahoo Boys Confess

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In the Nigerian state of Imo, two young men were apprehended while making charm for quick money.

Following their arrest, the two suspects, Ebuka and Chinonso, exposed their methods to reporters.

According to their words:

“The native doctor who fashioned the charm instructed us to gather semen from the private parts of every lady we made love to with a handkerchief or a piece of towel.”

He told us to place the semen-strewn handkerchief or towel in the pot and burn it after each collection. He told us that the value of our money will be determined by the number of females we sleep with and collect their sperm from.”

When requested to reveal the native doctor’s name and location, they stated, “We were strongly told not to divulge it with anyone, that if we did, we would die.”

Both were tortured before being handed over to security forces to be investigated further.

Watch the video below;