Moment Mother Warns Daughter To Stay Away From Yahoo Boys With A Cutlass (VIDEO)

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A video that captures the moment a Nigerian mother seriously warned her daughter to avoid internet fraudsters otherwise known as ‘yahoo boys’ has surfaced online.

The mother who was concerned about the well being and safety of her daughter used a very radical means to send a message to her as she highlights the risks involved in forming associations with yahoo boys.

In the video currently making the rounds online, the mother was seen wielding a cutlass whilst warning her daughter and according to her, it was necessary to the message she was sending to her daughter so she listens.

This is coming after popular Nigerian singer, Timaya took to social media to reacted to the high rate ritual killings in Nigeria.

“17 years old boys doing money ritual?? Innocent humans killed for money, even your own homeboy can use you.

Watchout guys, it’s really Cold Outside,” He wrote on twitter.

Watch the video below;