What Manner Of Bitterness Is This – Netizens Drag Shatta Wale For Saying Ghanaians Made Nigerians Popular

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Nigerians have criticised Ghanaian dancehall rapper Shatta Wale for asserting that when Nigerian artists come to Ghana to promote their songs, Ghanaians make Nigerian artists famous around the world.

Shatta Wale’s retaliation against Nigerians for dragging him over his remark that he doesn’t need any Nigerian artist to sell out his gigs taught them that Ghanaians play a vital role in the lives of their favorite artists, and they should be grateful.

Nigerian musicians, according to Shatta Wale, come to Ghana for the numbers before being acknowledged by the rest of the world, and they should be happy for that rather than trying to attack him for speaking the truth, warning them not to dare him.

Some Nigerians have dragged Shatta Wale all over again, stating his tweet is the consequence of bitterness, pitying him for being furious about nothing, and refusing to grasp the point he’s trying to make because it contradicts their beliefs.


Some dragged him, wondering why he isn’t well-known outside Ghana if Ghanaians are giving their musicians fame, forgetting that things would have been different if they had given our artists the same support that Ghanaians provide to their artists.

Some Nigerians are refusing to recognize the meaning of Shatta Wale’s remark, but if they step out to show some support for Ghanaian artists, they will realize why he claimed their artists came to Ghana for the numbers.

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