“You Can’t Hang Around People Who Are Going Nowhere And Expect Them To Help You Get Somewhere” – Yvonne Nelson

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Many people are unaware that the type of friends they maintain can have an impact on their achievement.

Someone who spends around with people who aren’t focused on their lives isn’t going to be able to help you with your profession, education, or even act as inspiration when you need it.

Hanging out with people who aren’t determined to succeed can have a bad impact on you since they aren’t supportive, continuously irritate you, and continually give you reasons why you should abandon all of your goals and ambitions in life.

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Yvonne Nelson declared emphatically in a recent tweet that those who aren’t going anywhere in life can’t help you get there.

According to her:

“You can’t hang around people who are going nowhere and expect them to help you get somewhere.”

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