BBN’s Beauty Attacks Groovy With Her Wig Because He Danced With Chomzy At The Party(Video)

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Beauty and Groovy, two lovebirds from the level 2 house, have just had a heated argument over Chomzy, a level 1 housemate.

Last Saturday, Beauty and her love interest, Groovy, got into a heated argument because he danced with Chomzy. After they reconciled, Beauty warned him not to dance with Chomzy again at the party.

Beauty erupted into ranting in the lounge a few minutes before the party ended yesterday. She was enraged that Groovy had danced with Chomzy despite her warning.

Groovy tried to explain to her why he hadn’t gone to see Chomzy. He claimed he avoided her at the party, but she kept approaching him.

Beauty didn’t hear his explanation because she continued to slam him. She then declared that she was done with him while angrily attacking him on the face with her wig.

Groovy was emotionally drained by her statement and stated that she does not trust him and feels insecure.

Some housemates attempted to calm her down because they suspected she was under the influence of alcohol.

See the video below: