“Hin thing small, He has sucked my breast, fingered my v***na.” – Beauty exposes under sheet acts with Groovy over dance with Chomzy (Video)

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Beauty, a ‘Level Up’ housemate, gets into a heated argument with Groovy about dancing with Chomzy.

During the Saturday night party, Chomzy made moves to dance with Beauty’s love interest.

Following the level one housemate’s move, the beauty queen went berserk and attempted to damage Groovy’s microphone transmitter.

Beauty, who had probably had too much to drink, expressed her emotions by hauling words from their undersheet acts at Groovy.

“He has sucked my breast, fingered my v***na. Hin thing small,” she said in the heat of the argument.

The housemate’s Miss Nigeria title was dragged through the mud despite Amaka’s attempt to keep her together.

“I’m a Queen but I hustle too. I know what my eyes have seen in the streets so the streets can’t move me,” Amaka reacted afterward.

Watch the video below: