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Godswill Akpabio, born on December 9, 1962, in Ukana, Ikot Ntuen, Essien Udim Local Government Area, has had a remarkable political career marked by achievements, controversies, and international recognition.

Godswill Akpabio Early Life and Education:

Raised by his mother after losing his father at an early age, Akpabio’s educational journey began at Methodist Primary School, Ukana, and later at the Federal Government College, Port Harcourt. He pursued a degree in Law at the University of Calabar, where he also served as the Speaker of the student parliament.

Godswill Akpabio Career Beginnings:

Akpabio started as a teacher before delving into law, briefly working with Paul Usoro and Co. He later joined EMIS Telecoms Ltd, becoming its CEO in 2002. His political career took off when he was appointed Commissioner for Petroleum and Natural Resources in 2002. Subsequently, he held various positions, including Commissioner for Lands & Housing and Commissioner for Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs.

Governorship and Political Shift:

In 2007, Akpabio became the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, serving two terms. He later transitioned to national politics, becoming the Senate Minority Leader in 2015. However, he resigned from the position in 2018 after defecting to the APC. President Muhammadu Buhari appointed him as the Minister for Niger Delta Affairs in 2019, a position he held until his resignation to contest the presidency.

Godswill Akpabio Personal Life and Family:

Akpabio hails from a politically influential family, with relatives like his grandfather Okuku Udo Akpabio and cousin Justice Nsima Akpabio making their mark in Nigerian history. He is married to Ekaette Unoma Akpabio, founder of the Family Life Enhancement Initiative, and they have four daughters and a son.


Akpabio has faced corruption accusations, with the EFCC investigating allegations of diverting over 100 billion Naira during his gubernatorial tenure. However, no charges have been filed. Controversial incidents, such as the Sahara Reporters’ claim of a gifted Mercedes Benz to the EFCC Chairwoman, added to the scrutiny.

Awards and Recognitions:

Akpabio has received numerous international and national honors, including the Congressional Certificate of Recognition, Africa Lifetime Achievement Prize, and the Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON). His contributions to infrastructure and empowerment were also acknowledged by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2012.


Q1: Is Godswill Akpabio still active in politics? A: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Godswill Akpabio was actively involved in politics. For the latest information, please check reliable news sources.

Q2: What is Godswill Akpabio’s net worth? A: Godswill Akpabio’s estimated net worth is $100 million.


Godswill Akpabio’s journey from a teacher to a prominent political figure has been marked by successes, controversies, and accolades. While his political career has seen both highs and lows, his impact on Akwa Ibom State and Nigerian politics cannot be denied. As he ventures into new political endeavors, Akpabio continues to be a figure of interest and scrutiny in the Nigerian political landscape.