‘’Pay me for all the s3x we had before I return your gifts’’ – Moment a girlfriend humbled her boyfriend in court (Video)

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Cindy Nkeiru Okafor, a Social Media Influencer, TV Host, and Brand Ambassador, took to Instagram to share a stunning moment when a lady asked her boyfriend to pay her back with money for all the sex she had with him during their relationship before requesting his gifts back.

The video clearly showed the two lovers arguing, which escalated into a major squabble that landed them in court.

According to the video, the young man asked the lady to return some gifts he bought for her while they were both swimming in the ocean of love, but the lady refused, claiming it was a gift and thus gifts cannot be repaid, and that it had already become hers.

The problem grew worse when the young man insisted on keeping the gift he bought with his own money from her at all costs, and they both took the matter to court.

The lady revealed in court that her ex-lover purchased her phone, wrist watch, and necklace, and she also described how the young man came to her house to recover some of her property.

She said:


“yes he bought me gift, he bought me phone and wrist watch,”

. “One morning he just came to my house, I don’t understand and I saw him through the window,”

She went further to narrate the action she took when she surprisingly saw the man in his house.

“I rushed and hide some things, because I know the kind of person he his. He just run to my back yard and then collected my generator and asked me to give him back the wrist watch and phone,” the lady said, adding that she is learning from past experience.

She further revealed that the man went away with her generator as she refused giving him back those items he demanded.

“I want him to give me back my generator, and when he collected the generator, I told him that I can’t pay him back. This watch and this phone, they are mine. After all we had sex together,” she said.

The lady asked the man if he could pay her back for the sex they had together, so he is demanding restitution for the items he gave her during their relationship.

Watch video below: