Shatta Wale Thanks Flavour For Confirming His Words That Nigerians Don’t Support African Artists – Video

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Shatta Wale has commended Flavour for confirming his recent interview in which he stated that Nigerians do not support other African artists as much as they support themselves, and that this needs to change.

During his Twitter rage, Shatta Wale stated that Nigerians should thank and respect Ghanaians because their musicians come to Ghana and other African countries for the numbers before becoming known around the world, but they do not reciprocate.

Flavour corroborated this in an interview with Ebuka, citing Diamond as an example, claiming that he’s the biggest musician in Africa on YouTube, but Nigerians don’t support him the way his people support Nigerian artists.

He claims he’s not surprised his (Diamond) employees are refusing to play Nigerian music in their clubs because they make them feel like they don’t have anything because the support they provide to Nigerian artists isn’t reciprocated by Nigerians.

This gave Shatta Wale the opportunity to speak out once more, emphasizing the importance of Nigerians appreciating the African fanbase and promoting other African artists in the same way they do for their own artists, rather than making it appear as if their artists are great on their own.

Shatta Wale and Falvour are correct because, no matter how large the Nigerian artist’s fan base is in Nigeria, they need the African fan base, which includes Ghana, in order to succeed outside of Africa, which they refuse to admit.

Watch Video below;